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Existing Buildings

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We performed detailed assessments of all vertical transportation systems and the elevator service provider who is maintaining them.  We go to your building, and systematically evaluate each elevator/escalator including the machinery space, the hoistway/pit/car top, evaluate the performance as compared to industry standards or specified criteria, and provide an overall evaluation of the level of service your elevator service provider is providing and how well they are protecting your investment, and minimizing your liability exposure.


We perform a detailed evaluation of the existing equipment and determine the most appropriate path (based on budget constraints/remaining life span)  for a modernization of the equipment.  We create detailed specifications and bidding documents, including a bid list, and do much of the heavy lifting as far as administration of the modernization contract. 


We provide a detailed assessment of the vertical transportation systems, the current level of maintenance and a capital cost plan in the event that you purchase the building.  Many owners find this extremely beneficial especially if the elevators are in poor condition and require immediate attention (and investment). 

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