Jennifer Willstead President

Mack Property Management

DPO Consulting has been an invaluable partner to us in holding our elevator vendors accountable to contract performance. Mike is knowledgeable and has a deep passion for what he does. He is always willing to help train our teams and holds a high standard for his clients to ensure their best interest comes first. It gets harder and harder to find partners you can trust, but DPO and Mike have proven through years of working with us that they are one of them.

I’ve worked with Mike Oliver for over 30 years, during his time on the vendor side of the elevator business and later as a Vertical Transportation consultant.  Mike has always been a great resource for information and insights, and I have great respect for his knowledge, integrity, and commitment to outstanding client service. He always delivers beyond expectations, on time, and without our having to ask twice for what we need.

Jim House, FAIA Founding Principal

House & Robertson Architects, Inc.

Doug Robertson Co-Founder & Principal

House & Robertson Architects, Inc.

I am writing to recommend Mike Oliver and his company, DPO Consulting, for their exceptional elevator consulting services. DPO Consulting has consistently demonstrated professionalism and timeliness in their work, making them a valuable asset to architects and owners for a wide range of project types.
DPO Consulting helps by providing comprehensive traffic analysis of various car configurations and speeds. This information allows owners to evaluate the wait and travel times of various configurations and control strategies. Mike is especially helpful in translating the tables and data into language for market comparison, enabling all members of the owner’s team to fully understand the impact of choices at the early design stage.
One of the notable strengths of DPO Consulting is their ability to prove dimensional requirements for all of the manufacturers in a given market. This service enables true competitive bidding processes. By meticulously assessing the specifications and requirements, Mike and his team provide accurate and reliable documentation that architects can use to coordinate congested building cores with the other programmatic elements and requirements of other engineering disciplines. This level of attention to detail not only facilitates a smooth bidding process but also establishes a strong foundation for successful construction.
DPO Consulting excels in writing specifications that can be integrated into the project manual without extensive modification, a great help during the always hectic spec-writing process. Their precise and thorough approach helps make bid documents comprehensive and informative, leaving less room for ambiguity or confusion.
In addition to their pre-construction services, DPO Consulting extends their expertise to construction administration. They offer invaluable assistance with submittal reviews and RFI responses, ensuring that the elevator systems are implemented in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. Their diligent and proactive approach helps in addressing any concerns promptly, reducing delays and maintaining the project’s timeline.
DPO Consulting’s commitment to excellence extends to field observations and punch lists, including ride quality evaluations. With their keen eye for detail, they meticulously assess the elevator systems during construction, identifying any potential issues or areas for improvement.

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